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Welcome to the Swiss office

International Financial Advice for expatriates living in or moving to Switzerland

Our Swiss advisers both live and work in the regions where they operate, so if you’d rather a face to face appointment,
please feel free to arrange a meeting in your region.

Head Office – 3 Avenue d’Ouchy 14,1006 Lausanne,Switzerland.

Your Guide to Investment Risk

The Spectrum IFA Group Client Charter

Moving on from Brexit

Brexit created a number of well-documented issues for expatriates living in the EU.

Financial planning and wealth management were impacted heavily as the Withdrawal Agreement excluded financial services and specifically the passporting of advisory licences between the UK and EU. This means that many UK based advisers and institutions are no longer able to engage with clients living in the EU.

The Spectrum IFA Group is licensed across the entire EEA and can ensure that your finances are ‘Brexit-proof’, through access to secure, locally authorised, tax-efficient investment solutions.

In countries such as France, Spain, Italy, Luxembourg, Belgium and Malta, you have access to many flexible investment options backed by some of the UK’s largest and most well known financial institutions.

These products, issued from Dublin or Luxembourg, are both EU regulated and highly tax efficient. One of the largest insurance companies in the UK offers a fully French compliant (Dublin based) Assurance Vie. Another offers a Branch 23 contract, a well established and widely used investment solution in Belgium. Similarly tax efficient products, designed for expatriates, are available to Italian, Spanish and Maltese residents.

As a result, you can still invest with companies whose names you know and trust, whilst ensuring compliance and tax-efficiency in the country you now call home.